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Educating the Next Generation of Translators and Interpreters

Through the Center for Translation Studies (CTS), the University of Illinois is committed to world-class education in the art and craft of translation and interpreting. We approach translation and interpreting studies as interdisciplinary academic disciplines and as professional practices built on solid theoretical foundations.

Our core faculty is comprised of accomplished translators, interpreters, and terminologists fluent in seven world languages. But in addition, CTL is strategically situated within the School of Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics (SLCL). SLCL offers BAs, MAs and PhDs through a broad range of programs that articulate with CTS. This combination of our in-house expertise and collaboration with SLCL provides students with exceptional choices and resources:

  • Faculty with expertise in many languages and a wealth of translation experience
  • Language-specific workshops and courses on translation theory and practice
  • Opportunities in all major areas of linguistic research, including computational linguistics and machine translation.

The University’s internationally renowned library is building a comprehensive translation studies collection to support the program. CTS also has a state-of-the art interpreting facility with ISO standard booths housed in the Illinois Fire Service Institute on campus.

CTS draws upon the world-class resources of its core faculty, affiliated language and literature departments, and the university libraries to prepare translators and interpreters for the exciting opportunities available to them in today’s global economy. And there is a growing demand for university-educated translators and interpreters. See our Why study at CTS page for more information.


The Center for Translation Studies is governed by Bylaws that were approved by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics.